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Design sprint in short

Innovate confidently with rapid prototyping and IP clearance checks.


– Accelerated idea-to-prototype conversion.
– Minimized IP infringement risks.
– Streamlined product development cycle.

Rapidly transform ideas into tested prototypes while ensuring your innovation is legally clear for commercial pursuit.

Design sprint full description:

Embark on a transformative journey with our Design Sprint & Freedom to Operate Check package. This comprehensive service is designed to elevate your project from concept to market-ready innovation in record time. Our Design Sprint approach compresses months of product development into a focused, week-long process. We facilitate rapid ideation, non functional prototype development, and user testing, leveraging the best practices to help you quickly identify viable product concepts and iterate on them in real time with feedback from actual end customers.

Following the sprint, we shift our focus to ensuring your project’s path to market is unobstructed with our IP landscape check. This critical step assesses potential intellectual property (IP) conflicts, providing you with a clear understanding of the IP landscape related to your innovation. Our expert team conducts a search and analysis to identify any existing patents or trademarks that could pose a risk to your project, offering strategic advice on navigating these challenges effectively.

This dual-faceted package not only accelerates the development of your product but also gives you the tools to secures its legal standing in the marketplace, offering:

  • Accelerated Development: Slash time from idea to prototype with a process designed for speed and efficiency.
  • User-Driven Insights: Gain immediate feedback from real users to refine your product in alignment with market needs.
  • IP Risk Mitigation: Navigate the complex IP landscape with confidence, minimising the risk of costly legal challenges.
  • Strategic Advantage: Leverage expert guidance to make informed decisions, turning potential obstacles into strategic advantages.

Our Design Sprint & IP Landscape Check package is the ultimate toolkit for dynamic teams looking to fast-track their innovation while ensuring their intellectual property strategy is robust and clear of potential infringements. Transform your ideas into market-ready innovations with the assurance that your path to success is secured.

Design Sprint product development
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