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Niemelä & van Niekerk Consulting’s genesis is to help companies big and small in their pursuit of bringing new innovative products and services to international markets. 

Satu Niemelä and Erasmus van Niekerk apply what they’ve learned from the successes as well as failures they experienced when developing a multi-award-winning health-tech innovation from idea to international market readiness stage. Read about our origin story here:

Origin story for Niemelä & van Niekerk Consulting

The life and business partners’ entrepreneurial journey started after they became parents. When caring for their newborn, Satu and Erasmus stumbled on a gap in the market for a new baby tech product. Like a growing number of modern parents, they too worried about their baby’s safety and well-being, wanting to do all they could to ensure their child had the best possible start in life. 

Parents using the Onni Care system

This led to them documenting his feedings in minute detail at all hours as well as keeping track of his sleeping, diaper changes, growth, and development, at first by using only pen and paper and later, by also utilising the state-of-the-art devices, apps, and data that existed at the time. 

Little by little it became evident that there was an international need for smart solutions that helped new parents with little or no experience in baby care feel confident they’re “getting it right” as parents. 

After welcoming prematurely born twins and learning that each child is different, even twins, and realising that by establishing each child’s unique “norm”, it would be possible to pinpoint when consulting with a healthcare professional might be warranted, they knew they were onto something. 

Erasmus van Niekerk and Satu Niemelä with their children 

And so, the founders embarked on a mission to revolutionise childcare with Onni Care, and provide parents with an innovative AI-supported, 360° childcare solution, integrating IoT technology to monitor babies and offer data-driven insights into their growth and development in a sustainable way that at the same time helps avoid burdening the already overloaded healthcare services. 

The Onni Care baby platform: remote access video monitors ‘Star’ and ‘Twinkle’, the Onni Care web portal, and the Onni Care mobile apps

Multi-award-winning remote access video monitoring device ‘Star’ 

In addition to drawing from their exceptionally diverse experience in developing and launching multi-award-winning new products paired with services in international markets, Satu and Erasmus are committed to continuous learning, seeking to consistently improve their existing knowledge and skill sets. They also cooperate with their extensive network of experts to ensure a solid cost-benefit ratio for micro, small, and medium enterprises as well as people interested in becoming entrepreneurs seeking to avoid typical RDI and internationalisation pitfalls while maximising their chances of success. 

They offer business development consulting, coaching, and concrete hands-on help 
spanning business idea clarification, validation, implementation, and international commercialisation.  

Helping clients utilise the funding options available at each stage is at the heart of the services offered. 

at trade show
Working hard at the expo

Our Team

At Niemelä & van Niekerk, we believe that every great achievement starts with a spark of curiosity and the courage to explore it. Founded on the principles of innovation, excellence, and collaboration, our team is dedicated to empowering startups to navigate the complexities of bringing their ideas to life.

Satu Niemelä

Satu brings a wealth of experience in marketing, communication, and product development from global corporations and startups alike. With her active listening skills, strategic thinking, and a knack for creating and launching successful marketing campaigns, Satu excels in identifying growth opportunities and building international business relationships.

Erasmus van Niekerk
Erasmus van Niekerk

with over two decades of experience in business development, strategic consulting, and technology integration, has a proven track record of driving growth and fostering key client relationships across Asia and Europe. His expertise in strategic planning, client relationship management, and project execution using Agile methodologies, aligns seamlessly with the fast-paced and ever-evolving startup ecosystem.

Our mission

Satu and Erasmus the consultants

Our mission

Together, we’ve created SEP Consulting to serve as a beacon for startups at every stage of their journey. Our mission is to provide the strategic guidance and actionable insights that startups need to successfully navigate the path from idea to market. We’re here to help you refine your vision, develop a compelling product, and craft a strategy that resonates with your target audience.

Our Expertise

Our combined expertise covers a broad spectrum of essential areas, including:

Strategic Planning and Execution:

Aligning your startup’s vision with actionable strategies for growth and scalability.

Market Research and Analysis:

Understanding your audience and the competitive landscape to position your product effectively.

Brand Development and Marketing Strategy:

Building a strong, cohesive brand and a comprehensive marketing plan that engages and converts.

Agile Development and Innovation Management:

Leveraging lean principles to accelerate development and foster continuous innovation.

Our Achievements

Together and individually, we’ve been recognized for our contributions to technology, design, and business innovation:

A’Design Award

Winners of a gold medal in the A’Design Awards

European Commission Seal of Excellence

We were awarded the European commission seal of excellence for our project proposal; twice.

Baby innovation award

Winners of the 2018 Baby innovation Award

Let’s Create Something Great Together

At Niemelä & van Niekerk Consulting, we’re more than just consultants; we’re your partners in bringing visionary ideas to life. We understand the passion, the challenges, and the exhilaration of turning an idea into a reality. Let us be part of your journey to success. We pride ourselves in our core values:


We strive for excellence in all aspects of our work, delivering premium services and exceptional value to our clients.


We foster a culture of innovation, constantly seeking new solutions and approaches to drive our clients’ success.


We conduct our business with the utmost integrity, honesty, and transparency, prioritizing ethical practices and client trust.

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